peter jewiss./


Having spent his early years in advertising working on the client side for British Aerospace then on the agency side with Young and Rubicam and Davidson Pearce, Peter became head of communications for the American multinational Union Carbide. He handled public affairs and worldwide advertising programmes launching products and managing PR in all of the major markets.

He then founded dda as a direct marketing agency and, because of the client focussed approach, quickly attracted many of the world´s leading companies to the business. British Telecom, Rolls Royce, Shell, Hewlett Packard, ICI, Xerox, Barclays Bank, Cartier and many others. The company became one of the fastest growing DM businesses in the UK, winning both awards and industry acclaim.

Today the business continues to thrive. And dda’s mixture of experience, culture and creativity ensure our clients achieve their strategic objectives, values and vision.