Save the Rhino

Rhinos are an endangered species. In Java, only 60 are left. And in Africa they have declined by as much as 90% over the last 25 years. The main reason is poachers. Dealers can get as much £100,000 for Rhino horn, particularly in SE Asia.

Unfortunately, Rhinos are not attractive and cuddly like pandas and bears or majestic like tigers and whales, so the ‘care-factor’ is pretty near zero amongst most people. So the challenge is to get them caring about rhinos when there are so many other perceived worthier options.

Within minimal budgets maximum impact had to be achieved in both creative and media. Also, research showed that ignorance played a large part in peoples’ lack of interest in the saving the rhino. So a strong, impactful and educational campaign was developed for all forms of communication using media when and where it became available.
The ads were run in the national press when free space was available. They were also created in A3 size and put up in local libraries, schools and local community centres – in fact anywhere there was free space available.


Difficult to put exact numbers to the results of this campaign, except to say that Rhino populations have recently gone up in parts of Africa. To suggest that this was due to our efforts would be a bold assertion to say the least. But we do believe our work raised the charity’s profile, especially amongst schoolchildren, and it raised considerable funds for a very worthy cause.