When electronic trading was introduced into the financial services industry, it became dominant almost overnight. However, the implementation of these new trading environments raised increasingly complex issues. To achieve seamless transactions, processes needed to be streamlined and common criteria had to be established. So the UK’s leading life insurance companies decided to put a governing organisation into place.

This organisation was Origo Services. Its remit was to define the ground rules surrounding the introduction and implementation of electronic trading environments into the financial services industry. Origo came to dda with the brief of launching and establishing the brand as a respectable, credible and authoritative industry voice. It needed to create an impact within the market for its consultancy role as quickly as possible. It was vital that we created the correct perception of Origo from the very beginning and create an impact within the marketplace.

We put together a comprehensive marketing campaign made up of corporate identity, corporate literature, trade press advertising and highly targeted direct marketing. We devised a strong and authoritative tone of voice and cohesive visual identity and managed this through a broad range of channels and media.


Off the back of these projects, Origo swiftly gained respect and reputation throughout their marketplace.