choice hotels direct marketing

Our strategy was to combine a Spring offer with quantitative research that would verify the existing client database in terms of future potential value.

The mailing was sent to 90,000 previous guests and enquirers. The response rate was 32% with the majority of respondents expressing an interest in future offers.

In addition, the mailing campaign generated bookings for the Spring offer of over £250,000. The respondents were then analysed and segmented, initially into families and couples.

A subsequent mailing was created for a Summer Offer with two versions, one for couples and one for families. The hotels in the offer were those that particularly needed help filling up in the summer season and the mailing featured specific destination attractions related to certain hotels for either couples or families.

This mailing generated a 6% booking rate, generating £500,000 worth of revenue and a 25-1 ratio return on investment.

At the same time, each of these mailings generated a significant increase in awareness of the Choice brand and a large number of enquirers for the brochure as well as requests for membership of the Choice Favoured Guest programme.