You cannot rent a disc from your local DVD shop to show at a film society, a club, or a pub. You must obtain a licence from one of the distributors who make movies available to cinemas.

That’s where Filmbank comes in.

Filmbank is the U.K.’s largest non-theatrical licencing body and is a joint venture company owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment and Sony Pictures. It represents many of the leading Hollywood and independent film studios in film, and
has contracts to suit private film society shows and more open public shows.

dda has worked with a host of major leisure and entertainment companies over the years. As a result, we had a wealth of relevant experience to offer Filmbank.

Our relationship with the company has been going since 2001. During this time we have devised and implemented many aspects of their design and print work.

From brand creation and evolution, corporate identity, font design, logo design, style guides and sales literature to graphic design, interactive design, copywriting, artwork, photography, and illustration – the work has standout quality.

It has to have. Because this is a direct reflection of Filmbank’s own quality and performance.

Not to mention our own.