Vue, the U.K.’s second largest cinema chain, were unhappy with their existing design and branding agency.

While the cinema’s brand positioning work made logical sense, the creative was lack luster and more associated with low cost deals than the quality oriented, differentiated experience that Vue has to offer.

Because of dda’s experience in the leisure and entertainment industry, we were approached to evaluate and propose new styling. This we did in the following ways:


The Vue logo tended to be quite subtle and in smaller sizes could almost be lost. So without changing it dramatically, we gave a greater 3D look to its edges. This brought it to life and gave the brand additional standout.


Every cinema goer is familiar with projected light rays so we decided bring these more to life with lots of different colours, light and textures.


The rounded ‘friendlier’ Vue typeface felt appropriate, but we couldn’t help but feel it bore a strong resemblance to the identity currently running for Tate Modern.
We believed Vue should be differentiating itself typographically within its marketplace.
So, we changed the font family, then applied that to a range of different layouts to give them a fresh look.


How would the proposed identity be applied to print and online?
The revised graphic look and feel was taken through to all off-line and online materials allowing Vue to be more stylish, simpler and more flexible.