financial controls

dda provides real-time fiscal visibility for our clients.

The first step is to provide a single data repository and document collaboration tools which notify stakeholders in real-time if changes are made to business critical documents.

We can continue using the software we are familiar with such as Excel, Word etc. but by storing single versions of our files in Google’s free web service, ‘Google Docs’ we can start editing Marketing activity budgets and monthly reports. Check out the video introduction or start collaborating on the documents below!

Real-time Fiscal Control & Collaboration

BVI UK Region Marketing Activity Plan 2009

icon-placeholder.gif View, edit and share the Marketing Activity Plan

Monthly Statements

View and edit these documents in real-time – project owners will be notified of changes:

icon-placeholder.gifAPR09.xls View, edit and share the April 2009 monthly statement.

icon-placeholder.gifMAR09.xls View, edit and share the March 2009 monthly statement.

icon-placeholder.gifFEB09.xls View, edit and share the February 2009 monthly statement.

icon-placeholder.gifJAN09.xls View, edit and share the January 2009 monthly statement.

icon-placeholder.gifQ408.xls View, edit and share the Q4 2008 monthly statement.