dda is in the business of building business. We do it by turning strategy, creativity and analytics into brilliant business-building ideas that have the greatest probability of selling our clients’ products and building their brands. It’s all about inspiration and motivation. Turning insights about the consumer, the client and the competition into ideas that trigger consumer behavior. After all, a great idea not communicated persuasively is like having no idea at all.

Core disciplines include: Insight, Strategy and Analytics (NRS, TGI, MMS, DDS, POSTAR, pre and post campaign research – Dipsticks UK), Consumer, Channel and Business Insights, Strategic and Tactical Planning, Proprietary Tools, Business Science, Data Solutions, Modelling/ Measurement

Advertising Channels: TV advertising, radio & cinema airtime and sponsorship/promotion, national, regional, consumer, trade & technical press space and advertorials/sponsorship, out-of-home and ambient, paid-for search marketing, digital display advertising, online video advertising, paid-for social media advertising & partnerships, mobile advertising, gaming and in-game advertising, e-mail, affiliate, on and offline media partnerships, emerging channels (e.g. buzz marketing, word of mouth, content seeding, virals).

Our approach uses a unique combination of creativity and analytics (science and art) to reduce the uncertainty and increase reward.