Above the Line Promotion

Promotion in the media where the advertiser pays an agency to place the ad.


The practice of supporting a person or company to make their message heard

Below the Line Promotion

Subtle short-term incentives.


The design and editing of a blog – a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.

Boiler Plate

Any text that is often reused without being changed from document to document.


The instructions from a client to a consultancy.

Community Relations

The communications function used to convey facts and data about a client to the public or specific publics and to educate and inform them about the client’s work in the community and on its behalf.

Corporate Communications

Communications that serve as the liaison between an organization and its publics such as newsletters, videos, special event planning, etc.

Corporate Social/Environmental Responsibility (CSR)

Taking positive action to show an organisation has a responsible attitude to the people and environment it impacts on.

Crisis Management

The communications management function used to convey accurate facts and data to the general public and to specific publics during a crisis situation.


Also known as online PR, this involves communications using the Internet/new technology to communicate with stakeholders.


The extent to which the target audience becomes aware of a person, message, activity, theme or organisation.

Event management

The management, preparation and organization of events at which clients are usually showcased.

Fact Sheet

A list of facts prepared for the media that is meant to give a brief overview of a company, individual, event or ongoing situation. Most often used by businesses as part of a media kit.

Familiarization Trips

A trip or tour offered to familiarize the agents with their destination/product and services.


Web applications managing user-generated content. A message board.


How a client is perceived by its publics.

Image Consultant

A professional who maintains and improves a client’s image, often using public relations tactics and part of an overall campaign.

Integrated campaign

A multidisciplinary approach which uses a number of marketing communications techniques in order to deliver a consistent set of messages.

Internal communications

Communicating with employees and shareholders to inform them of change (for instance during a company merger), keep them up to date with company news and developments, or to help achieve corporate objectives.

Investor Relations

Communication between a corporate department/company and its shareholders.

Marketing or Customer Relations

Activities that increase customer values and motivate valuable customers to remain loyal and to buy again.

Media Relations

The act of involvement with various media for the purpose of informing the public of an organization’s mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner.

Meet and Greet

A method of introducing two or more parties to each other in a comfortable setting.


Agreed words or statements that a client wants to convey to third parties.

Photo op

Originally referred to an opportunity to take a memorable and effective photograph.

Press Kit

A pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company, or organization distributed to members of the media for promotional use. Also known as a media kit.

Press Release

A written announcement that seeks to draw media attention to a specific event or product launch.

Product Placement

The strategic placement of a brand of product in the media to make money and raise brand awareness.


Involves disseminating information about a product, product line, brand or company.


An event or activity that exists for the sole purpose of the media publicity and serves little to no other function in real life.

3D modelling

The creation/rendering of three-dimensional objects by developing a mathematical wireframe.

Public Affairs

Activities that promote an organization’s programmes, services and image to the public.

Public Information

Activities where the purpose, design and plan intend to deliver information to the public or various publics, such as press releases.


The positioning of a body of text.


A message containing information that concerns a person, group, event, or product that is disseminated through various media to attract public notice.


Changes made to copy after it has been set in type.

Publicity Stunt

A planned event designed to attract the public’s attention to the event’s organizers or their cause.


Creating a timed sequence of series of graphic images or frames together to give the appearance of continuous movement.


A group of interested parties who is in some way connected to or interacts with a client on some level.

AO to A6

Finished paper sizes.

Sales Visit+Training

Face-to-face contact between a marketer and potential customer.

Social Media

Social media are works of user-created video, audio, text or multimedia that are published and shared in a social environment, such as a blog, wiki or video hosting site.

Art Direction

The management of the artistic and design elements of a project.

Social Media Engagement

A measure of the usage of social media.

Art Paper

Paper finished with china clay giving a smooth surface either matte or gloss.


Most often understood as a derogatory term for the act of highlighting the positive aspects of a bad situation, statement or action, usually to the news media, which are often sceptical of the attempt to “spin” the details.


Any non-typeset drawing, photo, illustration, or lettering to be printed/used on a product.


Lightweight paper under 60gsm.

Ambient Experiences

Marketing using unconventional media. An element of Guerrilla Marketing.


Releasing company news to imitate grassroots popularity.

Below the Line

A form of advertising involving direct contact with the customer using less conventional methods and media to promote products and services.


A static or sequential sequence of black vertical lines on forms holding price of product details which require scanning.

Brand Experience

The cumulative brand impressions garnered from visual, verbal and experiential encounters with the brand.

Buzz Marketing

Cultivating opinion leaders and getting them to spread information about a product or service to others in their communities.

Blind Embossing

A relief stamped onto paper with a die from the back so that a raised image appears on the front which can be printed or plain.

Body Copy

The text of a print ad, not including the headline, logo, or subscript material.


A method of promotion focused on face to face interaction via live events, trade shows, corporate meetings, etc.

Bold Face

Heavier, thicker typeface.


A large-scale public showing of objects, products, or services.

Field Marketing

Marketing executed in the general public such as street surveys.


Slightly heavier paper normally used for letterheads.

B0 to B6

Trimmed paper sizes larger than the A range.


A printed piece folded into panels.

Focus Group

A form of qualitative research in which a group of people are asked about their attitude towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging.


Paper used to produce clean, sharp proof prior to outputting film.

Burst Binding

Used in perfect binding thicker than normal publications. Prior to adhesive being applied, the exposed edges of the collated printed pages are roughed up with shallow slits to allow the glue to penetrate deeper and give a stronger finish.

Grassroots Marketing

Getting consumers and influencers in key markets to care so much about a product or service that they become vocal supporters.

Guerrilla Marketing

Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources.

Business Card

A small print advertisement announcing a business that does not change over time.


The duty of a host to welcome, receive or entertain guests as well as the relationship between both host and guest.


An advertisement’s headline

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

A planning process designed to assure that all brand contacts received by a customer or prospect for a product, service, or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time.

Presence Marketing

The recognition and exposure that a person or company gets simply by being anywhere that people are.

CD Art

Original art, illustration, photographs and layout for CD packaging.

Pull Marketing

When a consumer requests a product and “pulls” it through the delivery channel.


A designer’s method of making an overlap of colours where a lighter colour encloses a dark one.


Process colours used to create full colour documents; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.

Push Marketing

Marketing strategy when a development or improvement on a new product is unknown to the consumer. The product and information are “pushed” to the consumer by distribution and promotion.


Gathering/sorting papers into correct order.

Sampling Campaigns

Placing a product directly in the hands of the consumers in order to increase product awareness by allowing consumers a trial run of the product.

Colour Proof

An early full-colour print of a finished advertisement, used to evaluate the advertisements final appearance.

Colour Separation

Separation of the artwork into the 4 separate CMYK colours in order to produce 4 films.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

The application of computer graphics.

Team Building Events

An event or activity designed to increase the strength and cooperation f a team or group of people.


Alternating folds within a sheet.

Continuous Stationary

Stationary produced for business computers which use impact printers with tractor feed.

Undercover Marketing

Marketing without the consumer knowing.


The printed text or spoken words in an advertisement.


Writing text for an advertisement that captures the attention of the reader, generates interest and desire, and prompts action.

Viral Marketing

Involves a message or a communication that spreads like virus by passing on from one to another quickly, entailing a rapidly extending chain of communicators. Usually via the Internet.

Corporate Identity

How a particular business is perceived by its customers and the marketplace comprised of its name, logo, typeface, colours, slogan, etc.


Normally used for colour print production as a proof of true representation of the film, giving register, screen rulings and resolution of all the elements.


Trimming unwanted portions of an image or illustration.


Area or shape removed from within the body of the printed form.


The process of creating drawing, lettering, images, and general ornamentation.

Acquisition Cost

The cost of signing up a new customer.


People who are similar in lifestyle

Die Cutting

Using a cutting form to cut a prescribed shape.

Affinity Analysis

A process of finding relationships between customer purchases.